Calling System
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Fixed Receiver (2 digit display)
รหัสสินค้า : ST-M3
(จำนวนผู้เข้าชม 3248)

Product Info

  Size : 288W×133L×40H (mm)
  Weight : 573g
  Color : Translucent-black window and Black bottom
  Display : Double-digit, 3 Sequential display
  Freq. : 434MHz Band
  Power Supply : AC220V/DC12V External Adapter
  Antenna : External Dipole antenna
  Transmission Type : Omnidirectional (360˚)
  RF : Receiver (FSK Low Power Data Transmission Standard)


  Bell ID Registered Quantity : max. 1,000
  Numeric display : 0 ~ 9 ( can be displayed in any place)
  Alphabetic display : Alphabetic can be displayed by
  Alphabetic display : can be displayed in any place
  Special Symbol display : 2 Dash marks (- , _ ) and Blank
  Sound : 22 kinds of different sounds through built-in
  CPU chip control
  Speaker : Available High quality and Various bass
  Bell ID Registration method : by Air Registration using
   Main unit Input-Button
  Easy registration Call number and easy change Call
   number through the Air register
  Can be set the Various display time
  Can be set the Sound repetitions
  Can be set the Each call number versus Each sound
  Support the Set Voic


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